Pennsylvania Stoners FC

The moniker "Stoners" is hardly a new commodity when it comes to soccer in the Lehigh Valley.  From 1979-1983, the Pennsylvania Stoners were a successful member of the American Soccer League (ASL).  After folding in '83, twenty-four years would pass until the Stoners would again rise from rubble and again compete, only this time in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL).  Similar to the previous version of the Stoners, this reincarnation was very successful; however, there was not enough financial backing and fan support to sustain this economic venture.  In 2009, the Stoners again descended into the long history of American soccer has-beens.

However, with the formation of the Bigtime Soccer League (BSL) prior to the 2009 Major League Soccer (MLS) season, two owners who grew up in the Lehigh Valley recognized the opportunity this new league had for the Stoners to once again be a force in the soccer world.  Like every economic decision, however, the owners waited for the right time to enter the league; hence, the rebranding of the club as Pennsylvania Stoners FC, and their expansion team status for the 2011 BSL season. Tragically, this team also folded following the 2014.

Only to once again rise from its own ashes in 2017!

Club Vision:
We believe that we will be a model franchise in the BSL for years to come and will proudly represent the state of Pennsylvania and its people; hence where the team name was developed.  Stoners is a play on Pennsylvania's state nickname, "the Keystone state," and it is our vision that Stoners will be a model franchise and represent the tide that binds all of the BSL and its teams.

J. Birney Crum Stadium, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Capacity:  18,000

J. Birney Crum, or "JBC" as locals refer to it, is a local sporting relic that has hosted Lehigh Valley high school and Pennsylvania Interscholastic athletic events since 1948.  To accommodate the anticipated crowds that Stoners will bring, the running track has been removed to expand the field and add additional seating, increasing the capacity from 15,000 to 18,000.  Also, the field turf has been removed and in its place natural grass has been laid.

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