Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stoners Seal Teal Deal, Feel it's a Real Steal

Just days after the trade that brought Sebastien Le Toux to Allentown as the first player in Pennsylvania Stoners FC history, management finalized another deal that saw rising star and ex-Canadian Teal Bunbury become the second member of an already potent strike force. Forced to land at the larger Lehigh Valley International Airport due to logistical issues at quaint Queen City Municipal, Bunbury was greeted by gaggles of Stoners fans ecstatic that they are watching the roster forming before their very eyes. Asked about the opportunity to help lead an expansion franchise, Bunbury had this to say:
"It should be exciting, eh?"
Eh, indeed.


  1. Nice photoshop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Excellent signing.

  2. I look forward to playing you guys.

  3. We look forward to competing against all the esteemed members of the BSL. Seriously, we're psyched for the draft and the start of the season!