Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who's the Boss?

Pennsylvania Stoners FC is proud to announce its ownership structure for the upcoming 2011 campaign, as well as the foreseeable future. Much like the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, the Stoners will be owned and operated by the fans themselves! The two men behind the creation of the new BSL franchise were approached by several big-name investment partners. However, after careful deliberation, the camera-shy cofounders (who would like to be referred to simply as “the Partnership”) ultimately felt that public ownership would be the best way to ensure transparency and fiscal responsibility within the organization. Stay tuned for more announcements as the Partnership and their many co-owners are looking to make important decisions pertaining to the Stoners’ inaugural coaching staff shortly.


  1. A Tony Danza reference. Classic!!! He was never the boss.

  2. And with his increasing age and ballooning waistline, he probably never will be!