Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stoners Seal Teal Deal, Feel it's a Real Steal

Just days after the trade that brought Sebastien Le Toux to Allentown as the first player in Pennsylvania Stoners FC history, management finalized another deal that saw rising star and ex-Canadian Teal Bunbury become the second member of an already potent strike force. Forced to land at the larger Lehigh Valley International Airport due to logistical issues at quaint Queen City Municipal, Bunbury was greeted by gaggles of Stoners fans ecstatic that they are watching the roster forming before their very eyes. Asked about the opportunity to help lead an expansion franchise, Bunbury had this to say:
"It should be exciting, eh?"
Eh, indeed.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Le Toux Good To Be True

In a deal that will forever change the history of the young Pennsylvania Stoners FC franchise, Sebastien Le Toux joined the Allentown-based squad in exchange for the team's first round selection in this year's BSL Draft. The Frenchman was so excited to join the expansion side that he hopped on the next flight into Queen City Municipal Airport to make himself available for a late-night press conference which announced his arrival to thousands of delirious fans. For anyone out there who was confused, they were not booing. The fans were simply shouting "LE TOOOOOOOUUUUUUUX! LE TOOOOOOOUUUUUUUX!" One particularly enthusiastic female fan even offered to carry the available bachelor's first child.

"Allentown does seem like a great place to raise a child," quipped Le Toux. "But in all seriousness, it is an honor to be introduced as the first-ever Stoners player. The fans here are great, and I can't wait to get out on the pitch for my new team."

But Sebastien and the fans were not the only ones excited on this fortuitous night. In a rare public appearance, the Partnership treated us with this prepared statement:
"The opportunity to bring in a player like Seba was one we could not resist. What he was able to do in his breakout season last year was simply incredible. Many experts seem to doubt that he can repeat his success, but we have faith that Seba has plenty left in the tank to silence his detractors."
After their brief words, the Partnership made a quick exit but not before promising the fans a season to remember and leading a few raucous chants.

An eventful preseason continued with the Stoners' acquisition of its first player, but it is far from over. Stay tuned for further announcements in the coming days and weeks leading up to First Kick on March 15.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who's the Boss?

Pennsylvania Stoners FC is proud to announce its ownership structure for the upcoming 2011 campaign, as well as the foreseeable future. Much like the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, the Stoners will be owned and operated by the fans themselves! The two men behind the creation of the new BSL franchise were approached by several big-name investment partners. However, after careful deliberation, the camera-shy cofounders (who would like to be referred to simply as “the Partnership”) ultimately felt that public ownership would be the best way to ensure transparency and fiscal responsibility within the organization. Stay tuned for more announcements as the Partnership and their many co-owners are looking to make important decisions pertaining to the Stoners’ inaugural coaching staff shortly.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Season: Stoners Jerseys

We are proud to announce a multi-year deal between Stoners and Adidas.  Adidas will be the official supplier of team equipment and both their people and ours spent a significant amount of time designing home and away jerseys that everyone would be proud of.  We are delighted with the finished products and we hope you are too!

Please stay tuned for any exciting developments regarding Stoners first jersey sponsor.

Keystone libertatis.

Let the Games Begin!

We would first like to thank everyone involved in bringing a team to Pennsylvania.  The folks at the Bigtime Soccer League (BSL) were very accommodating in assisting us during this process and we look forward to a long and prosperous future.  We believe that we will be a model franchise in the BSL for years to come and will proudly represent the state of Pennsylvania and its people; hence where the team name was developed.  Stoners is a play on Pennsylvania's state nickname, "the Keystone state," and it is our vision that Stoners will one day be a model franchise and represent the tide that binds all of the BSL and its teams.

We welcome the opportunity to compete alongside great fellow franchises, but from this day forth, the games have begun.

Keystone libertatis.