Friday, March 4, 2011

Gaven Ready to Play Field For Stoners

Gaven is clearly ready to be a Stoner
After a sporadic and tempestuous relationship with goaltending, Eddie Gaven is ready to settle down and play exclusively in the field for his new club Pennsylvania Stoners FC. Selected in the eighth round by the estemeed Partnership, Gaven talked about his messy break-up with goaltending upon being announced:
"Goaltending and I go way back. We first hooked up back in '03. I was just a rookie then, and I didn't really know the difference. Coach said if I went in net that I could get on the field, so I did it. I scored that night, but it wasn't pretty and I could tell that a lot of people didn't approve. I tried to stay away from Goaltending after that. It worked for a while, but, in the back of my mind, I always toyed with the idea of going back to her. Last year, Will [Crew GK Will Hesmer] got hurt, so I jumped at the chance to take his position. Finally, Goaltending and I were reunited. It was magical at first, but then Sebastien [Former Union Forward and new Stoners Teammate Sebastien Le Toux] caught sight of what was happening. He put one right through me. I'll never be with Goaltending again."
Yeah, so look forward to none of that. Gaven will be playing strictly on the field. Never in goal. Let me emphasize that, never in goal.


  1. I like how 1 Stoner is scoring on another.
    (Letoux on Gaven) Nice clip.

  2. I want Oduro. Would you like to trade him and who would you want for him?