Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Local Flavor for Stoners on Day 2 of BSL Draft

Landing with the model PA Stoners franchise made hometown hero Convey reflect on his days with the mediocre Earthquakes
One day after the Partnership made Philadelphian-by-trade Carlos Ruiz their first selection in the second round, the Stoner boys followed up with a third round choice of Philadelphian-by-birth Bobby Convey (formerly of the San Jose Earthquakes). Being born in the nation's former capital, having attended William Penn High School, and having played for PSC Coppa growing up, Convey is more Philly than a cheesesteak full of Allen Iverson's mother's bling. was lucky enough to reach Bobby via mobile phone as he landed in his former home state.

"I'm ecstatic. In fact, I'm shock. Having been away from the Keystone State for so long, I started to think depressing places like San Jose were OK. It's good to be back in check with reality, not to mention back in the place where it all started for me. I hope I can give this team something to cheer for this year. Along with Carlos, Teal, Seba, and whomever else the Partnership can bring in, we're going to get it done this year!" 
Great grammar, Bobby!

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  1. William Penn Charter School, LOL huge difference