Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stoners Add "the Dragon Slayer"

Faryd (right, sword raised) shown here vacationing in Geatland with the French magician himself Sebastien Le Toux (left, conjuring a spell while creepily observing from behind the crag)
Hoping to add a little bit of bite and some much needed goaltending (see yesterday's entry), the Partnership selected Colombian international and ex-Philadelphia Union man Faryd Mondragon with the eighth pick in the ninth round. Known for his strength, courage, loyalty, and resilience in the face of fire, Faryd is the perfect addition to Stoners FC. Here's what he had to say after hearing of his selection:
"After a summer full of slaying actual dragons in real mythological Scandinavian cities, I don't think I should have any trouble stopping a little ball from getting into the net. Have you seen me? I'm huge."
Don't get too excited, ladies. Faryd is a happily married man.

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